Kyle Cheveldayoff, R.Psyc.

I am a therapist and researcher that has one mission with my work: to assist people along their journey through life’s ups and downs; the turns and bends. Whether you are feeling specific symptoms like depression, anxiety, or just stuck and/or looking to enhance yourself, my goal is to help you find ways to do this.

My approach will enable you to throughout your day rewire your mind and body by integrating new information and applying new tools and skills. Regardless of age, this will assist a person at their particular stage of the journey through life.

Together, through aspects of counselling and psychotherapy techniques, we will design “experiments” that you will apply to your life. Through this process you will become the researcher, the student, the subject, and see the changes take place. These changes and planned happenstances (called synchronicities) will be monitored and used to adapt the experiment. Along the way you will rediscover yourself, understand the voices in your head, develop ways to balance thoughts, and build a new relationship with that voice deep inside of you.

Why Did I Become a Psychologist?

I’m often asked this question, so I thought I would be upfront and share a little bit about myself. My professional journey has taken me from the body-exercise sciences (Kinesiology), to the body-rehabilitation sciences (Physical Therapy), to a career as a Firefighter, and finally through to the mind-body healing sciences as a Psychologist. This progression may seem odd to some, but this journey has provided me with a wide scope of knowledge, and practical life experience, to understand the mind-body spectrum in ways that others may not. Along this journey, I also experienced the cumulative effects of stress in my early 30’s that eventually led to a diagnosis of major depressive disorder (MDD) and a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) with severe panic attacks. During this time of self-discovery I learned how this “dark night of the soul” (or dark months) were catalysts for personal growth, showing me what I needed to work on, release, forgive, and transcend so that I could expand my consciousness and have a larger view of life.

The next fifteen years involved me first working as a Physical Therapist and then as a Firefighter with the Calgary Fire Department (CFD) for 10 years. This opened my eyes further to see how so many people suffer and in various ways and often feel alone during this suffering. During my time as a Firefighter, I struggled with significant spinal injuries, post-concussion syndrome, major hip and shoulder surgeries, and an unexpected diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Taking a hint from the Universe, and my own suffering, I decided to change careers and began training as a psychologist to assist others on their journey.

Over those difficult years, I began to realize how the power of the mind (our beliefs and perceptions) can heal far more than what our current Medical-model suggests is possible. Many specialists rooted in the older biochemical sciences are simply uninformed and base their opinions within the outdated sciences that suggest we only have a biochemical/physical system. They are unaware that science now clearly shows that we also have an energy/metaphysical system. If the physical and energy systems don’t work in harmony together a person can begin to feel dis-ease. When dis-ease continues it becomes cumulative and we have a greater chance of mind- or body-disease.

Please visit the “Counselling & Psychotherapy Approaches” section of my website to learn more about the emergence of Energy Psychology (EP), the research behind it, and how it has quickly moved from “pseudo” science to “proven” science through recent research.

Kyle Cheveldayoff, Registered Psychologist, Victoria, BC Canada

Why People Seek My Services

“Thoughts do become things. For example, if a person does not balance the thoughts within their mind, that thought energy will activate the brain, the nervous system, and cause psychosomatic physical disorders.” Kyle Cheveldayoff

Some clients seek my services to assist with concepts they learn through the work and research of people like Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, Joe Dispenza, Jon Kabat-Zinn. At times these conversations lead into one or more areas of faith, death or afterlife, consciousness, love verses fear, past lives, self-enlightenment or spiritual ascension, understanding the Mind, Law of One, reincarnation, Indigo children/Wanderers/Star-seeds, and spiritual-based addiction recovery.

“People suffer because they are caught in their views. As soon as we release those views, we are free and we don’t suffer anymore.” —Thich Nhat Hanh

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