Counselling Services and Courses Offered as of December 1, 2020

Due to COVID-19 and recent mandates the clinic will now be offering:

   1. In Person Counselling: Only virtual and phone sessions will be offered. If you require an in-person appointment please email us to request if this is possible after scheduling your appointment.

   2. Video/Zoom Counselling: Available for current/past clients only.  To learn more about the next Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Group Course or to be added to the waitlist for individual therapy, please email

   3. Phone: Please ensure you include your area code.

Book An Appointment

 There is currently a waitlist for new clients.  Please review the information below prior to emailing to be added to the waitlist.

INDIVIDUAL THERAPY: Please note that there is at times a waitlist for NEW clients for individual therapy. Current/past clients are welcome to schedule in through the online calendar system for their sessions.

Kyle is currently only accepting new clients for group courses and group therapy, but please read the following information that may assist you.

It is helpful to understand the approach we use on the mind, body, and spiritual/energy systems. It is important that you resonate with this approach before being placed on the waitlist for individual therapy or spiritually based group courses. 

Please review the website for information about how Kyle practices and also watch the following video to understand the mind, body, spirit/energy approach used: The Mind Body Spirit Approach , My Approach as a Psychologist, Important Updates for my current clients and changes in my practice

Please email to confirm you would like to be added to the waitlist for individual therapy after watching the video and reviewing the website.

GROUP THERAPY: Please visit the group-therapy tab and/or email to inquire on active/future group courses.

WHEN BOOKING A SESSION: If you are unable to find a time that works for you, please check back daily to see if opening become available as clients often change appointment times. 48 Hour cancellation notice is appreciated.