Where are you located?


My office is located close to downtown Victoria at 1268 Walnut Street in Fernwood. It is a newly built house with the front upper floor dedicated for office space, a [...]

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Are your services covered by my employee benefit plan?


Please contact your extended health care plan to see if Counselling and/or services by a “registered Psychologist” are covered for you and your family members. Receipts will be provided for [...]

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What is a Registered Psychologist?


“A psychologist studies how we think, feel and behave from a scientific viewpoint and applies this knowledge to help people understand, explain and change their behaviour.” Canadian Psychological Association Please [...]

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Kyle Cheveldayoff

People reach out to me seeking assistance in the areas of: Stress Reduction, Improved Thoughts, Emotions/Feelings/Sensations, Consciousness Expansion, Passion/Happiness in Life, Balance of the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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1268 Walnut Street
Victoria, BC
V8T 1N6
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