Free Mindfulness Meditation… for Dads! (MBCT)

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Class is every Tuesday from 5:30-7:30pm for 4 weeks


1268 Walnut Street (Fernwood), Victoria, BC, V8T1N6


Free, with first priority given to Dad’s with younger children


Email with Subject Heading: “Dads intro MBCT”


Course Intent:

As a new Dad himself, Kyle would like to offer this introduction to mindfulness-meditation (MBCT) course for FREE to new Dad’s to assist with stress reduction, improved emotional control, and to train the mind and body for this new chapter of life.

MBCT stands for: “Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy”

What is MBCT?
This 4-week abbreviated version is based on the 8-week long clinical MBCT format. This introductory course will allow new Daddies to get started with a meditation practice and to help with de-stressing and adjusting to being a new Dad. Hundreds of research studies have shown that learning MBCT can reduce stress-related disorders, improve symptoms related to depression and anxiety, and can assist with your relationships with significant others.

NOTE: Newer Daddies will be given first priority. Please understand the daily “at home” time commitment of 30-45 minutes to practice. If you’re short on time each day, this can often be done while your baby is sleeping on or beside you. Home practice is important.

Details of the 4-Week Course

  • Join Kyle, Registered Psychologist, for a 4-week course that teaches the basic of MBCT
  •  Time Commitment: It is recommended that you plan for a daily commitment of 30-45 minute of self-practice for the 4-week duration. You can compare this type of learning to that of a new exercise routine, as it takes about 4 weeks of the “exercise” to “wire” in new behavioural patterns.
  • Is this group for you? MBCT takes focus and dedication, therefore exclusions from group may include active substance use, active symptoms of PTSD, or other symptoms that may interfere from you succeeding in the course. A pre-screening phone call with Kyle will be done prior.
  • Suggested, but not necessary, reading: “Full Catastrophic Living” and/or “Coming to our senses” by Jon Kabat-Zinn (the leading researcher in the field of mindfulness). Dr. Kabat-Zinn usually narrates his own books and they may be available on Audible for free with a new registration.
  • “Booster” sessions of MBCT will also be offered (at a cost) after the 4-week course to assist with maintaining your practice. MBCT and meditation-based practices work best if practiced daily.
  • If you want the full experience the full 8-week MBCT course, there is a fee and your extended health plan will reimburse you according to your coverage for “group therapy” with a psychologist.
  • Visit for more resources, research, and to learn more about Kyle.


Referral from family doctor is NOT required. A handout for your GP, if interested, is available.


Kyle Cheveldayoff, Registered Psychologist, and a new Dad as well!


Email with Subject Heading: “Dads intro MBCT”

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